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First Investment with Super Low Risk

After you buy a token, then it can be traded on the market.
Your capital returns, profits can still be enjoyed until your investment expires.



Min - 25 BTCH

0.5% Daily
Time 30 days


Min - 25 BTCH

0.7% Daily
Time 90 days

Half Yearly

Min - 25 BTCH

0.9% Daily
Time 180 days


Min - 25 BTCH

1.20% Daily
Time 360 days

Calculate Your Passive Income

17.50 BTCH / $15.05
Daily Profit
4462.50 BTCH / $3837.75
Total Profit
6962.50 BTCH / $5987.75
Total Return

All profits entered directly are calculated in USD

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The best affiliate system

With our greatest affiliate system, you can easily get passive income

20% Direct Sponsor Bonus

Every time your direct referral Claim Faucet or buy BTCH , you get a 20% Bonus. Unlimited number of referrals, You can sponsor any number of referrals.

FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS = 5 Generation Point Bonus

Total Point : 390,500 Point

FSB => 390,500 / 7,500 = 52 FSB

FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS will start $2,600.00 per month

Starting in the 52nd month the income becomes $130,000.00 per month.

Every time you and your downline Withdraw or Staking their coins , you will get a bonus point that will be counted as personal turnover and group turnover.

You will get bonus points from the depths of 5 generations below you. With a bonus amount of 10% per generation. When your group points are 7500 points, you get 1 FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS ( FSB ).

For 1 FSB you will get a bonus starting at $125.00 and increasing up to $5,000.00 every month.
See the FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS table beside.

Qualifications for FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS apply multiples.

This means that each of your group points amounts to 7500, you get 1 FSB, 15000 group points you receive 2 FSB so on, multiples of 7500 apply.

FOREVER SPONSOR BONUS gives you a great opportunity to achieve passive income for the long term.

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