Frequent Questions

If we see that this section is useful for you and there is a need, we will add new questions here. Please, before contacting Customer Support read carefully this section.

General Questions

No. This is not an Initial Coin Offering.
We believe that ICO's should be approached with caution as the majority of "Alt coins" do not offer any benefits to more established crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
BTCHolding is a managed forex and cryptocurrency trading platform with user friendly interface and attractive offer.

We trade the major forex and crypto currencies, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptos, as well as most popular commodities. Please see our homepage for a full list of trading crypto currencies available on our platform.

No. you are allowed to create only one account. For special situations please login to your account and contact our Customer Support.

Account Questions

It's not difficult at all. Click on the following button, fill in the registration form and create a new account.

Create an account

Yes. Our website is all fully responsive and functional with Apple/Android phones and tablets.

We take all security measures to protect your account and keep it safe from third parties intrusion.

No. you are allowed to create only one account. For special situations please login to your account and contact our Customer Support.

Enter your account and change your e-mail address and password in "Account Settings" section.

Go to Password Reminder section, enter your registration e-mail address and follow the instructions.

Password Reminder

Investment Questions

To make investments you should register in BTCHolding, create an account and then you can make your deposit. All the investments are made in your personal account after login.

Apply Now

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH and DogeCoin.

You can start investing with as low as 10 USD.

Transactions will be credited on your account after 3 confirmations over the blockchain network.

Your interest is calculated every business day based on the amount of your investment package purchase.

No, you cannot withdraw your principal. The profit you get includes your principal at the end of your investment period.

Yes. Just login to your account and click on Investment Plan menu. You must choose the desired investment package according to your balance.

Yes, you can make a deposit whenever you want, and all will go to your main balance, and you can use it to make investments according to the package you want.

You can check your balance in your personal account any time you need.

There are certain risks in any investment programs. However, there are some simple ways that can help you to reduce risks of losing your money. First, set a certain financial goal and deposit such sum of money that you can afford. Remember that our expert trading team is always ready to consult you in any questions.

Our expert team of forex and crypto currency trades are managing your funds.

Withdrawal Questions

You can withdraw your money in your personal account in the Wallet Menu Withdraw Section.

Transfer of your withdrawal request, we do the maximum within 3x24 hours during our financial work hours.

No, there are no fees for withdrawing main balances.

For withdrawal of the commission we charge 5% as an administrative fee.

Yes, a minimum amount you can request for a withdrawal is $10.00 US Dollar.

Affiliate Program questions

We have 3 types of commission distribution for affiliates: namely:

  1. Sponsoring commission 3 levels : level 1 at 5%, level 2 at 3% and level 3 at 2% of the total investment of your referral.
  2. Pairing Bonus: that is a bonus given in the event of a balance in the amount of investment in the left and right legs of your referral. The amount of this pairing bonus is in accordance with the investment package you have, if you invest in the standard package you receive 2%, 3% Super package, 5% Golden package and 7% Ultimate package.
  3. Leaders Club Bonus (LCB): This bonus is given every month, so it becomes a passive bonus for you. You can see more about this bonus in the personal area, on the Affiliate Program menu of the Leaders Club section.

All members have an individual referral link. You are able to promote your referral link by placing our banners or text ads on your website, blog or just put the affiliate link in message forum signatures, email signatures or any other places.

Click here to access your promotional banners

Yes, to participate in our affiliate program you must have a minimum investment of $ 10.00 USD. This is your seriousness to achieve success with us.

Yes, to become our regional representative, you must have an investment amount of $ 100.00 USD and have a main balance of at least $ 100 as well.

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